"We have worked closely with Next Wave since 1998, and their creativity and ability to leverage tight resources AND gain proven, third party awareness and results are unmatched!  They know the education and workforce development categories very well, and constantly come up with new ideas and partnerships.  They’ve even brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars in new revenue with their new ideas and unique approach to advertising and marketing."   David Rattray – UNITELA Workforce and Education

"Next Wave created, the best commercials we ever did!  With the creation of television specials, promotional ideas and round the clock efforts with us they truly helped us from zero revenues to becoming the number one SKU in Wal Mart.  If you sell products, you know how hard that is.  I highly recommend Next Wave!  They know their stuff!"    John C. – Brand Manager


Have you ever had so many calls come in for your product and almost couldn’t keep up with the responses?  We have made that happen. Have you ever had your school go from being in last place to first place in the country for enrollments within one year?   We proudly helped a client do just that.  Call us for a complimentary initial consultation to see what we can do for you too.

"The Campaign you created with the Leeza Gibbons TV and Radio commercials for direct marketing made our calls to our centers skyrocket. We exceeded our goals dramatically"

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"When we first met you we were last in enrolments in Los Angeles. After your first year with us we were not only number one but the spirit and pride of our school had been elevated and was apparent on campus"

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"We knew our brand needed a new approach and you gave us just that. New web and social media presence and rebranding initiatives have really given us the results we were looking for!"

Ted Danson and Brian Canning

"I love your writing and the TV show: very impactful! "
- Ted Danson

"Your website gave us the portal for people to donate over $250,000 where they never would have even known about us! "
- Oceana

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"They helped us increase awareness of School to Career from 5% to 65% in our target audience...then, they helped us achieve an average of 20% growth for Cash for College when 10% growth (in workshop attendance) was our goal. They really do stay creative and work with budget parameters. "

D. Rattray -- Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce

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Your quality of production with your TV Commercial, radio and outreach plan took our supplement from number 12 to number 1.