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Social Media and the new 8 Marketing Tips for Success


Branding doesn’t occur on the shelves…on the tv or on the web.

It occurs between the ears.  How do your customers or potential customers view your product?  We have a custom crafted branding booklet which we utilize to audit current perceptions about your product.  What do you think?  What do your clients think?  You might be surprised!

Maybe you feel that females 25-54 are the prime target market for your product.  But maybe they think that you’re not relevant for them because of your logo, colors, music in your advertising, value proposition, or all of the above.

Maybe your spokesperson is irrelevant, or maybe you just haven’t grabbed their attention.  Our approach to branding is wide reaching.  It has to be consistent from label colors, to advertising feel to your Unique Selling Proposition.

Do you want to change customer behavior or affect buying decisions? Do you already have a strong brand, but are looking for sales promotion that fits your branding efforts?  You can’t change behavior until you change perception.   Let us help.  We’ve increased brand awareness and sales for products from Country Time to TrimSpa to On The Rock Nutrition.  And we’ve created co-branding cause marketing efforts for companies such as State Farm, and Wells Fargo to Lincoln Mercury and Boost Mobile.  Looking for brand equity in new multicultural communities?  Looking to polish up an image?  Looking to create a buzz?  Let’s talk.


Logo Samples

On the Rock  nutrition logo Prolab Logo Trimspa Logo