About Next Wave Productions

What We Do:

We are an Integrated Advertising and Marketing firm that utilizes cutting edge methods to reach your audience. That’s a fancy way of saying that whatever it takes to break through the clutter – we’ll plan it and do it! Social and digital media marketing, television, radio, effective web development, videos and more – we have proven, successful experience to accomplish your unique objectives. Have you ever had to stop a campaign because it was too effective? We have. Have you ever been written up in your top trade publications for top enrollment in the entire country…when the year before you were at a deficit? We proudly helped a client do just that. What can we do for you?

Who We Are:

We named our company Next Wave 14 years ago because our founders were leaders in other innovative advertising, technology and broadcast firms such as IBM and Rich Industries. There will ALWAYS be a Next Wave of communications and we will be there using it if and where it makes sense for you.

Our company is comprised of many senior level individuals with unique talents in their own specialties that also understand how to integrate with the rest of the tools we use. Many have been with Next Wave for over 10 years now and we know how to work together as a team towards one goal: your goal.

The Next Wave Difference:

The “Next Wave” difference is understanding that reaching out to your audience goes beyond creating a web page or commercial if you haven’t thought the rest of the pieces through. We think ahead and keep your goals in mind while looking at the whole integrated picture of what you need.

Today’s market requires more than putting up a Facebook page and hoping people will show up. We know how to bring the market to you and have them act and behave the way you need them to so you get the results you want.

We believe that a true Integrated Agency has to understand the whole process of what their client does so that tools are all working together to best represent your Brand and your bottom line.

We can help you at any phase in your outreach because we have Executives that understand each area. Our Executives will come in and help you anywhere from research to launching a new brand or even areas you didn’t know you needed to plan on.

Research -> Strategic Plan -> Design -> Launch -> Measure


Telly AwardMost of our clients have been with us for many years which is a testament to the excellence that we deliver what is promised effectively and on budget! Our clients have had double digit increases in action and awareness never imagining to go over a few percentage points. We have won awards for our work, but our client’s results are our crowning achievement.

We take your business extremely seriously. Our goal is to learn as much about your business as possible to develop and implement a creative strategy that works and gets the results you want.