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  • Form Filling and Registration Applications with Video

You may have heard of “cloud computing” but what does it mean for you?

In our experience, it means that our clients have to worry less about maintaining costly equipment and software issues and take more time to handle their business. Less costs and higher profitability.

We develop applications you need such as customer data bases email applications that have normally required that you work on your data processing department’s busy schedule or hire in your own staff. In this case you don’t have to worry about your server not working: we provide the redundancy and monitoring 24/7. We provide the turn-key application and support it.

We customize each solution with our integrated team of business, workflow and technical group to make it work for you.

Online Interactive Video Forms

As above, we also specialize in creating online fun and easy systems that work with your customers interactively gathering their data and using video to assist in getting their input effortlessly.
For instance, we took one of the hardest applications, the FAFSA, which students have to fill out. We cut down their time by 75% and also helped bring up completions of the form by 50%. The video and data gathering integration makes it easy.

Here is an example of how we integrate video and data gathering:

Click image to follow link: