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Social Media and the new 8 Marketing Tips for Success

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The PR rules have changed.  Your image is online.  You need to stay on top of your image.  Has your wiki been wacked?   It all matters.  The GREAT thing about viral marketing is that news travels fast!  The BAD thing about viral marketing is that news travels fast.  Yes, traditional PR is still key.  But searches rule, so make sure you’ve got things handled on that end.   Who are your partners?  We’ve put protein supplement companies together with sports teams…car companies with environmental TV specials…businesses with leading education organizations.  We’re talking MILLIONS in exposure, for probably what you’re carrying in your wallet right now.


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Be PROACTIVE in your PR. Facebook, Flickr, Digg, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, and definitely your search status is incredibly important. What new news issues are out there that you can hop on with tips, or proactive responses via the web? We’ll help you find and attack! If you are a Community College or educational entity, you might be used to being kicked around in the media. So strike first! Student successes…faculty accomplishments…community partnerships! Get out there FIRST! Don’t wait to be on the defense. You’re doing great stuff! WE know that…let EVERYONE ELSE know! We’ve done it for tons of happy clients. We’d love to do it with you! Our successes are both domestic and international.