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Social Media and the new 8 Marketing Tips for Success

Advertising and Marketing

Promoting a TV show.   Promoting new music.  Promoting your cause WITH a customized TV show.  Driving more than 100,000 people to a concert for a cause, AND having an entire ad campaign and television show surrounding it for just a fraction of the media value.


Creative Samples

Ted Danson and Friends Earth Faire Duff TrimSpa




Cash for College
with Mario Lopez
Christmas In America Pat Benatar

We produced “We Got The Beat” and “Christmas In America” featuring Pat Benatar  for WE television.

We created, produced, and promoted some of the largest most successful environmental outreach campaigns anywhere with EarthFaire for CBS and “On The Road with the Baka Boyz” in syndication.  We’ve also created and distributed content to everyone from PBS to MTV and VH-1, to Fox Sports and Cablevision as well as specifically produced content for distribution in schools, like “Turning the Tide with Ted Danson and Friends”.

We were the top ranked show in sports during our airtime with the TrimSpa Duff Challenge utilizing internet, radio, print and event marketing to promote the show for our client.

We’ve created documentaries and comedies which worked.  A 300% increase in Used Oil Recycling because of a Hip Hop special with the Baka Boyz, Warren G and Montell Jordan.   More than 90,000 unique visits to our Cash for College website after airing our Cash for College television special with Mario Lopez.

We’ve produced DVDs, CDs,  and have even helped our clients with distribution.  We created an entire platform for our Mental Health Awareness advocacy clients by creating a free concert series, film premiere series, and even took the film and distributed it through PBS and directly into the classroom.

Let us entertain you, so that we may inform you.  You might laugh, or cry or all of the above along the way!