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Social Media and the new 8 Marketing Tips for Success

Social Media

  • Social Media Strategies
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
    • Blogs
    • New Social Sites
  • Social Media Marketing
    • Ad buying with hyper-targeted ads
    • Analytics, tracking and reporting
    • Social calendar generation and writing/posting
    • Development of “Apps”
    • Management of Interaction with fans
    • Social promotions and meaningful content
    • Fan email gathering via promotions
  • International Social Marketing
    • Experienced in reaching out all over the world

Internet Marketing

  • Website Redesigns and tune-ups
  • Online Marketing
    • Online Ads and buys, PPC, PPI
    • Development of banner ads and video ads
    • Analytics and tracking
  • Online Promotions and PR
  • Lead Generation
  • Database Building and tracking
  • Email Marketing
  • Texting Campaigns
  • International Marketing
  • Interactive web and DVD programs
  • TV and Videos for the Web
Social and Digital Marketing

New Media

Next Wave helps clients strategize and implement at any stage in their online plans.

From developing or fine-tuning your website…. To getting real leads to your Facebook page and everywhere in between.

The Next Wave difference:

We know marketing and how to use it online and integrate it with other media like TV or radio where you need it.

Anybody can put up a facebook page. Your daughter probably has Facebook and MySpace pages, but she may not know how to get customers there for a business. Sure we get thousands of fans to your page,  but we also know what types of  AdWords copy really sells.   If you’re using other consultants or agencies, ask questions.  Do they know how to pre-test rolls for video and make a site that sells? Do they know how to do implement  brand appropriate conversations with fans? Social media should be fun and entertaining, but it isn’t fun and games. Your brand is at stake. So are your sales.

Customer Service

We also take a look at the process: is there a system in place to handle the new leads? Will the customer experience be a good one that can generate word of mouth results?  The customer experience that is positive is what generates real word of mouth marketing reach for your brand.

We push further
. We work to understand your business and then look at every possible tool to maximize your image and awareness, then integrate it all together to get you real results – and not just a pretty page.

We know how to integrate our marketing expertise with our online expertise. That’s bigger bang for your buck. Let us make your social media and digital tools work for you to bring you real successful results.